Compaction Equipment

Compaction Equipment in Launceston

Here at Tamar Hire, we have a large range of access equipment available for immediate long and short-term hire. From electrically powered cherry pickers to diesel driven knuckle booms, we have the right equipment for virtually every job. Whether you need to lift materials, equipment, or your workforce, we have the perfect access equipment for the task. Whether you need to work indoors, outdoors, or on rough terrain, we have the perfect access equipment for every environment. With boom reaches of up to 50 feet and a choice of electric and diesel power, our access equipment will facilitate safe and efficient working in any environment.

  • Plate Compactor (Asphalt)

  • Plate Compactor 160kg (Forward/Reverse)

  • Plate Compactor 300kg (Forward/Reverse)

  • Plate Compactor 85kg

  • Plate Compctor 62kg

  • Roller 1.6t Vibrating

  • Roller 2.7t Vibrating

  • Roller 4.5t Vibrating

  • Trench Rammer